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04/16/10: Change coming soon. I look forward to reading
                        new stuff.


9/25/10: Being sick is no fun.

Well, the past few weeks, I've come down with a lovely nasal infection. What surprised me was how much it sapped all of my strength; preventing me from thinking clearly and writing a coherent review. But I seem to be on the road to recovery, so let's celebrate with my musings on the summer's most original action thriller, Inception.



8/11/10: I don't believe it!

     I've just now finished scraping the stale popcorn and gum from the bottom of my shoes and, already, this film has been released on DVD! That has to be the fastest DVD release I've ever seen for a film that actually made money. So for you potential buyers, here's what I think of Alice in Wonderland.







7/13/10: Can there be a "Three's the Charm"?

For Toy Story 3, that would imply that the first two were not the charm, which would necessitate a third effort in an effort to bring charm, because the first two were not charming, which is not the case, since we all know that they were beyond charming. In fact they charmed the world and, oh, just read the review.






6/20/10: Time for some Russell Crowe manliness.

Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe team up once again for this umpteenth retelling of the Robin Hood legend. Since it's also starring the radiant Cate Blanchett, I get to bask in her glory as well as the slight man-crush I have on Crowe. But did Robin Hood live up to it's epic roots? Click the link and find out.






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Dr. Strangelove (1964)