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Who am I?



Who Am I?  


My name Frederick Holbrook.

             First of all, I'm poor, poor, poor; which is a bad thing if you are someone who likes movies. That means until I get more of a cash base, frustratingly, I'm not able to review every new movie that comes out. As a result, I will frequently concentrate on past releases that are cheaper to see thanks to the miracle of DVD releases. 

            Second, I have no formal film analysis training. I'm just an average guy who happens to love movies, especially the classic films. Those are movies which came out before 1970 (yes, there were movies before then).  

            I live in the Bay Area of California and I am gloriously married but still looking to afford a nice house.

How Do I Rate The Films?

            Simple. I go for the easiest system. The films get rated in the common range of 1 to 4 stars.


     It's Fair. It's loaded with flaws but there's something there to entertain. It's a film that's
                    not worth actively pursuing.

     A Good Film. It's solid and entertaining; whose flaws aren't distracting enough to
                         take away from it's enjoyment.

     Excellent. Fabulous. Stunning. Amazing. Any plethora of adjectives to describe
                              a film with very few flaws.

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